Parents and toddlers

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Parents and Toddlers is now back in full swing with 2 sessions running every Friday.

This is the venue for the weekly sessions which are held on Friday mornings from 9.30am - 11am and afternoons from 1pm - 2.30pm, mainly in term time - see the dates on the Calendar page for details, or email me for more information:, thanks. 

"Seedlings" continues to use many forms of advertising to announce its activities to the local population: invitation slips, posters, emails, texts, Netmums, banners - and this website for Astley Christian Fellowship!  

There's a good crowd of friendly Mums, including a few childminders, as well as a number of Grandmas with their Grandchildren.  We get Dads and Grandads etc from time to time - which is always appreciated and all are made welcome in the informal setting.  At the moment there are around 12 adults and 15 children and babies in the morning, so if you want a quieter time - or if it is your first visit, you could try the afternoon session: just ask for "Sue", if I don't manage to greet you personally!  


The admission charge of 60p pays for 1 adult & 1 child, 70p pays for 1 adult & 2 children, 80p pays for 1 adult & 3 children etc! - this covers fresh fruit & cold drinks for the children at snack time, plus hot drinks for the adults as required.  All pre-school children and babies can come to one or both sessions and any older siblings can attend if not in school, nursery or playgroup due to holidays etc. 


I am hoping to find ways of bringing various new resources provided by the charity, "Care for the Family" into the sessions.  I already volunteer for them as a steward, when they present events locally and distribute both their "Family" magazine and "Smalltalk" articles to visitors.  I also have a growing number of relevant books for the church library, leaflets with tips addressing different issues of family life and parenting DVDs.  There are new primary and teenage courses, which could be loaned out, or used to set up a small group, if there was enough interest.  Online, there are also podcasts, YouTube videos and webpages with further advice: see

Sue Rowney

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