About Us


Almost 200 years ago a number of Christian groups, all with similar beliefs started meeting in various parts of the north west.  These churches went under a variety of names, exchanged preachers and held annual meetings.  In 1898 the name  of Independent Methodist Connexion was adopted and the denomination has existed under that umbrella ever since.

Meetings here in Astley began in 1921 as the result of a mission by the Leigh group of I M churches. The meetings were originally held in the open air but later took place in an old army hut on the present site of the church.  Although the hut was only up for ten years even now some of the more elderly residents of Astley refer to the church as the 'TIN MISSION'.



Our present building was opened on Good Friday in 1931. One of the principles of the church is that of 'the priesthood of all believers'.  Although we have a leadership, in the form of an Eldership, the 'independent' part of the name refers to the fact that affairs of the church rest with its membership.